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HEART Consulting, LLC



Providing support and education to reduce sexual and domestic violence against people with disabilities.

Everyone deserves to have meaningful relationships.  Too often, people with disabilities are left out of important conversations that could ensure their safety when getting involved in intimate-partner relationships.  HEART Consulting LLC provides services to both prevent violence through education and community outreach, and support survivors through advocacy and empowerment.  Our vision is to reduce violence through education, outreach, support, and advocacy, based on each individual’s needs.




We work with people who may not want an abuser to know where they are at any given time, so we do not post our address. We are located on the East side of Madison, in the 53703 zip code.




Ellen, owner of HEART Consulting, LLC, has acknowledged a problem and concern many guardians and educators have for their children and students. I have only had one student seek Ellen’s expertise as her business is new, but she made tremendous gains with a young woman who many identified concern for regarding her relationships with others (mostly boys, men, and strangers). If you’re looking for a learning experience about healthy relationships for your youth with a disability, she has the experience and the curriculum I have been looking for in supporting our youth!
— Hedy, Madison High School Teacher
“HEART Consulting, LLC was an amazing resource that I am so happy I discovered! Ellen is very professional, flexible, and creative with her teaching/education style. I would highly recommend these services for anyone working directly with individuals with disabilities”
— Madison, Client Support Person


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